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Game Over Already

Yep! That’s me. Yeah me! The one dressed like a soccer referee when I should be at my office in black slacks, a blouse, and leopard print pumps. Between working on the computer, cleaning out a closet, and washing my hands I broke down. I sat on my couch and sobbed like a teen aged girl that didn’t get asked to the Backwards Dance and realized SHE was the one that was suppose to ask the guy to the dance! Hands in my face cry with real tears and ugly faced bawling! Tears for a bit which eventually turned to laughter. Yep. This virus thing has taken its toll on me. How are you doing?

After my ugly cry I stood up and looked around my little place and I felt a bit confused. I wandered around from room to room trying to figure out where to begin. Begin what? My work day? All the “Monday motivators” say to try yoga or stretching to begin your day, or a jog? Instead I took a shot of boysenberry pancake syrup I had in my refrigerator!

Pancake syrup. I did that. So, I turned things around a bit. So what if I was dressed like a soccer player? I was strategically putting together my day in my uniform of the day. A game plan. Work on business, read a little self- care books, count my blessings, pet my dogs, and stretch and do push-ups . Praying soon to hear the blow of the game ending whistle so we can all hug again!

We’ve Got This


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