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Life is

So sweet! I am grateful to have such caring and loving people in my life. They pick me up when I feel like Giving up. Life is more than $ and things you accumulate. Life is the relationships you build, butterfly kisses, bike rides, sunsets after a rough day that you want behind you. It’s receiving multiple texts and calls from those that truly care and know you deserve the stars! Grateful for those that stood by me when I admitted I couldn’t be perfect anymore and embraced all my imperfections. Thankful for those that saw past my smile and wiped my tears and said everything will be okay. Life is being real, loving, setting good examples and being able to say I’m sorry and I’ll work on being a better person than I was yesterday. I may not be perfect but I have the love of my babies, my family, my friends, my dogs, and my grand babies hugs. I’ve learned to forgive those that have hurt me and wish for them peace in their hearts. Today was tough but my cup is full, I’m loved, and the sea is needing me to take a dip, breathe, and move on. #iswearyougotthisgirl #love #life #beachlife #kissmyass #gethealthy #friends #travel #sports #divorce

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