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Ouch! My Butt Hurts!

It’s happened.  I’m not sure if you’ve done this but a girl, probably 20ish, asked me how old I was?  I stuttered!  I couldn’t remember how old I was!  I finally blurted it out but after telling her my age I threw out what my Mom use to say! “ 39 and holding!”  She said I was cool and liked my hair... Do I ever wish I was 39!  I definitely would have made a few changes!  But that’s okay people!  It’s never too late to make changes or try new things. 

      For some reason we get caught up on timelines!  It’s pounded into our heads that certain things have to be accomplished by a certain age.  Or you may hear someone say “ You’re too old to do that” or “ why are you doing that NOW?”  We really need to let go of these pre-determined hang-ups and expectations!  Age is a number!  I’m not giving anyone permission to wear bike shorts in public at 65 but hell, if that’s your thing!  Go ahead!  ( please don’t). But, if you wake up one morning and say “ I miss roller blading or dancing PLEASE DO IT!  ( wear protective gear bahahaha).   Do what makes you smile!  Keep moving !

     After my move I’m finally getting settled and acclimated.  There’s a huge difference between coming to the beach for fun and actually living here.  Yes.  I have to work, find a dentist, grocery store, live here! 😜. You know, do real life adult things...booooooo !  But, I’ve promised myself I’d get healthy for myself, my kiddos, and my grandson.  Healthy inside and out!  It’s not too late to take care of ourselves.  I’ve added to my “ to do “ list a long walk everyday for myself and my doggies and gym time with a trainer through GROUPON!  (Don’t judge me, I’m on a strict budget).  Offer-up, Letgo, and GROUPON are my go to apps for my everyday life now.  If I want to experience something new I go for it!  It’s not too late.  Even at our age!

     At our age I’ve seen skateboarders from our high school days still hitting the pools, A Mom converting her garage to a Pilates/workout room to help others de stress and transform, people changing careers and kicking butt at it, drinkers becoming sober, and even a 50 something girl attempting to surf 🏄‍♀️😜.

     Don’t let your age define you.  I’m not 39 and holding.  I’m 52 and my ass is killing me from my workout and my dog witnessed me crying just a little when I sat down.  But that’s ok!  We have one life and it’s okay to experience every bit of it even if your kids laugh at you, or your parents ask why!  Do what makes you giggle and warms your heart!  

Ps.  I’ll let you know the progress of getting rid of my flabby arms and surfing expeditions go!  #travel #fitness #sports #writer #womenandbeach

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