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I said “See You Soon My Friend” to one of my Soul Sisters…

About 4 years ago I faced one of the toughest seasons of my life.  I was forced to sale my family home, one of my best friends was brutally murdered,  the damage emotionally and physically from my divorce was at its peak, I was adjusting to the somewhat “empty nest,” and I was for the first time since I was a kid living alone.

The whole summer was a blur and I remember waking up in my beach cottage crying.  I was mourning my past life, my present, and fearful of what was ahead of me.   I was afraid.  Back then I didnt realize how much trauma had engulfed me and I wasn’t even sure where to begin to heal…Then I met you Jen.  My next door neighbor.  I asked for your wifi password until my internet  was installed and you reluctantly gave your password to me.  I love the way you tell that story to others because your interpretation of that moment is very funny.  We chit chatted here and there and then BOOM!  We became fast friends.  Jen became one of my “ sisters” who taught me to work through some of my pain that I covered up quite nicely with a smile or a joke.  Jen just knows me and accepts me for me, and you?  Thank you being your authentic self!

Thank you for such an amazing friendship.  It will be strange not being able to pop in next door for coffee or my “ can I come over for a hug” moments.  It will be sad not being able to hear your BIG laugh!  I sometimes hear it throughout the day and it just makes me smile. I will miss our talks on the beach and our moments of not saying a word but enjoying the awe that surrounds us.  I will miss your cooking!  I know I’m a horrible critic because I love everything you have ever made for me.  😂😂😂  I will especially miss knowing you are “ just there.”  Trust me.  I never took it for granted because I knew this “ spot” was temporary… your new chapter has begun which brings me to a new chapter myself.  I am grateful to you for nudging me to introduce myself to him.  Thank you.

I already miss you bestie but I know this isn’t forever.  Kiss all your babies, get settled in, and I’ll hop a Delta plane and paddle out in the aqua blues of Florida.

I love you soul sister

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