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I Swear You Got This Girl

Ok Ladies! I need your love and support! Not just for me, but to any woman who talks about giving up or being dragged down by life! Sometimes we all need a little extra love to get through a tough time!

One of my closest friends from high school is fighting the big “C.” Trust me, she is kicking cancers ass but she shared with me something so beautiful in a time where everyone seems so “ me” centered. When she made it public regarding her condition she couldn’t believe the outpouring of support she received. Cards, gifts, food, phone calls! The LOVE was abundant! Her spirit was uplifted and her fight even became stronger. I loved hearing the positivity in her voice instead of fear.

Tami influenced me big time to move forward on an idea I have been kicking around for years but I was afraid of failure or what others may say. Yeah. I couldn’t believe that I gave a sh#* of what others may think or say of me! So here goes!

I want to get a trend going! If you click on my blog website and click”cool things to buy” you will find an affirmation mug! Send it to a girlfriend that may be struggling, going through a rough patch, or just because! I know I lifted up Tami. She told me so! Pay it forward to another SUPERWOMAN you may know and please have her take a photo and tag it #iswearyougotthisgirl

I want to see everyones smile! Treat yourself if you’d like to! I am excited to see where this goes!

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