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Big Hugs Starstone Place

Starstone Place

Some of you know I had to sell our House on Starstone.  It’s bittersweet because between those walls are memories of my whole adult life and those of my kids too.  Packing 20 something years of living has been an experience!  My emotions are everywhere but I really want to say my “ see ya laters” with a smile on my face!  I think I’ll write a letter to my house and hug it goodbye...

Dear Starstone Place,

You were purchased by me over 20 years ago while Derek was away at baseball.  You went into escrow while we had about $400 in our account after putting the down payment down.  Please make the big leagues this year or we are in trouble!  Yay!  Come April we can afford our payments!  Our blue carpet and white walls was ours!

Thank you Starstone for such a great neighborhood for our kids to play in and make lifelong friends.  Our girls spent many days riding their bikes around the block, hockey in the street, and many hours in the pool.  

Thank you Starstone for being located close to the kids bus stop so I could push the kids out the door while still in my PJs and wave to them to have a great day!  This gave us a good 20 minutes of morning sleep!

Thank you Starstone for the fun parties, holidays, birthdays, and milestones under your roof.  I’ve watched my babies grow up to be beautiful women who have such great experiences ahead of them.  They have already spread their wings and are flying to amazing lives away from Starstone Place.  I’m very grateful to continue living here after my divorce so my kids could continue forward safe in your walls even through a difficult time.  Starstone you kept them and I safe through a very hard time.  

Later we brightened you up with a new look of sea breezes and  a lighter look.  What a beautiful transition.  During this time my 3 little birds, Ash, Chel, and Laney were just that!  Flying on to their own lives.  This house was becoming large and bit lonely.  The upkeep became difficult while working, being a mom and dad, and experiencing what life had to offer.  Staying at home alone was okay now and again but I preferred hopping a plane to see my kids, a beach day, an adventure with friends, or catching up in my office.  Starstone Place was so big for me anymore.  I even noticed in the off-season we’d be wherever our Knox was!  Our comfy place was at Ash and Joes...  Starstone had served its purpose...

Thank you Starstone Place for embracing us for as long as needed.  I know I will be in the neighborhood to see my friends, to drive by and say “ I use to live there.”  I know the new family moving in will love it!  I want to walk away smiling but I know I will cry too...

Lately Starstone, what I will miss the most is sitting on my rocker in the backyard with my coffee watching Ace lap the outside of the pool, waiting for the turtle to come out of his den.  I will miss my hummingbird friends that make nests on my decorative lights.  I will miss closing my eyes and daydreaming about where I will be in 5 years... I’ll miss my neighbors parties and Dave across the street who drinks beer and checks on me to see if I’m okay.

I won’t miss my equity line of credit that tripled in payments from #bankofamerica that sucks and has made life a bit more difficult... oh! I won’t miss fixing the fence!

Well, Starstone!  You are almost packed up!   Yes, while writing this I am crying!  Please take care and know we are all grateful for you but even more grateful that we have eachother.  The love of my girls, my family, and my friends is what lifts me because sometimes I feel like I can’t handle too much more.  I’ll be simplifying my life in hopes that I’ll have breathing room in my head, heart, and wallet.  I’m following my heart and soul to put my toes in the sand everyday 💕.  #travel #family #love

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