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The Wrinkles, freckles, and now and again the double chin!

So Yeah. I ‘m 52 now and doing my best to keep in somewhat decent shape. I recently joined a gym again, installed a running app on my IPhone , purchased a hot yoga month from Groupon, and try to stay away from fast food except the occasional In-and-Out hamburger and Wendy’s strawberry lemonade. Like most of us at our age we look in the mirror and say WTF.

WTF or how the hell do we get comfortable with our changing reflection staring back at us. At one time I was thin, had a bubble butt, and dimples on my face and not my ass! Sit ups are not doing the job anymore! The treadmill, stair climber, and spin class are supposedly my friends now. They suck as friends because I’m waiting on them to give me a little something back. For example, when I post a picture on social media my heart still feels young but dang! The crows feet and dark chest freckles really show! That’s when my close friend introduced me to #instavogue photo editor.

Wow! I noticed her pictures were blemish free, super white teeth, and kind of a glow around her. Wow! You mean I can take away a few flaws? With a quick click? I’m going to try! I will fix that selfie and proudly post it! I did.... it didn’t turn out that well. Right away one of my kids points out, “ Mom, it’s so obvious you are Photo shopping, or Mom, your nose is blurry and almost gone from this picture.” Ok! I get it! I am not the Photo pro but cut me some slack here. Try looking in the mirror one day totally naked and realizing that my svelte body is now 3 kids down, multiple surgery scars, cellulite, bumps of unknown origin, and cutting out bread in my diet just makes me want it more! So quite simply, give me a little break if I blur out one of my many wrinkles or fake whiten my teeth! Let’s just say it’s easing me into the status of AARP. It’s like taking my training wheels off or learning to drive a manual stick shift. In time I’ll grow use to it. I’ll embrace every wrinkle and age spot. I earned them from baking in the sun with baby oil when I was in high school and had no clue what sunscreen was. Eventually I’ll be comfortable with “ mature me.” Until then, every now and again you’ll see a blurrred out forehead or fake snap chat flower crown on my head. Until you youngsters wake up one day and see your butt has dropped half way down your hamstring you’ll never relate! Instead of a smart ass comment maybe say, “ You look so hottttt Mom!, must be your hard work at the gym. “#ageing #health

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