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Can People Really Change?

Earlier this month I had a deep discussion with someone close to me about a few things going on around me and one point brought up was “can people really change?”  Can a person who was lost and dark eventually come out of the shadows as a bright light?  Transformed in some way?  The discussion became heated at times and I was adamant to prove my side of the argument. 

 I truly believe, with hard work, reflection, soul searching, and growth people can change.  You can teach an old dog new tricks if the motivation, reward, satisfaction, and feeling of self fulfillment and peace is there.   With my life experience I have witnessed many people change for the better because they truly wanted more in life.  The mistakes they made in the past were internally guiding them to forgiving themselves and moving in the right direction.  People are not perfect and we carry a lot of baggage that definitely needs to be dropped off on the side of the road!  I’ve witnessed people I know that we’re drug abusers that are now clean, cheaters in relationships now that are in love and prospering, over eaters that are now fit and healthy. These changes didn’t occur over night.  It was a process.  They had to participate in soul searching, therapy of some sort, becoming a friend to themselves, and eventually able to truly reciprocate to another person.  You have to like and respect yourself before you can be the “ best of you” to another.  Transforming from just existing to flourishing is what we strive for right?  

We may have really screwed up in some way but identifying it, owning it, and growing from it is an accomplishment.  “It” does not have to define you as a  person.  Changing from the dark shades of brown to the light colors of a palette is reassurance that people can change. #relationships #dating #love #selflove #family #forgiveness

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