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Dating when I was a teenager was much easier than dating today! Throw in the mix that i was married for over 23 years and my ex and I rarely did the date night thing. Basically my dates consisted of high school dances and a few parties with the boys I dated from The Claremont Colleges! I was clueless. I AM still clueless. I don’t know the unwritten ”rules” at all! I’ve painfully learned that there are booty calls ( late night or early morning calls from someone you thought enjoyed more than just your booty), The FWB thing too. Friends With Benefits?!? Yep, its acceptanle to get naked with a friend. Rewind over 30 years! That means I could have gotten naked with my guy friends I hung out with in the quad and not be judged or called a slut? BUZZZZ!! NOT!! The double standards are still in place. Women still get judged for choices of sexual experiences and men get high fives for exploring their urges! That sucks. Holy Crap! wonder why everyone walks around with a dazed and confused look glued to their cell phones! Most are looking for that text that says ”I want us to just be us.” Hell, everyone my age is so damaged from past experiences that we are afraid to put ourselves truly out there to someone. So it goes.... and boy, my blog might start poppin now! Time for stories true and not true in the dating world! #datingafterdivorce #guessinggame #chickover50 #love #betrue

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