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Delete Delete Delete

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

(written a few weeks ago)

Today I'm heading home from an amazing visit in Boston. The last few weeks I haven't been " myself." Not only did I feel a bit "off" but the people I care for around me noticed it too. Chelsea graciously found me a flight to Boston, Delaney thankfully understood why Mommy wasn't coming to visit her at SDSU, Eric couldn't get me out the door soon enough, and Ashley opened her door with open arms. I quickly organized my work commitments, dog babysitters, car issues, and other details and hopped a plane to Boston. I was so excited and ready to see my daughter, Grandbaby, and Joseph. It had been far too long.

My last visit was Mothers Day. I've had such a busy few months with work and other commitments I wasn't able to visit as often as I could. Mothers Day was great. All of us we're together and I felt so happy to celebrate my day with my girls and to be with Ash on her Mothers Day too. Like usual I took a lot of photos to put in an album and post on social media. Out of all the things I've done in my life I'm most proud of my girls. I always say " I haven't done everything right but I know I'm a good Momma. Im satisfied with that. If I die tomorrow at least I know I was a good Mom... now, headed to Boston for Grammie duties and to take lots of pictures and videos with my newer IPhone I've totally ran out of " space" and need to delete some things or put them in my Shutterfly. I'm so technologically challenged but excited to take pictures of Boston.

When I landed I ubered to Ashleys. I took a red eye so I grabbed a car and headed to Quincy. The farther I got from home the more relaxed I felt. The past few months have been difficult to say the least. I've had a few personal issues I'm working through, my company was also going through transitions, my anemia is bugging me, and I guess I'm tired? Not just physically but mentally. I'm really trying to focus a lot more because I have felt "all over the place." Trying to simplify. Trying to "delete" things that are weighing me down as a person. Trying to really surround myself with positive, positive, positive. Also, learning that it's okay to say no. I guess "deleting" things is easy to understand. Not just the pictures in my camera roll....

While in Boston I took a few phone photos and videos. Knox at the baseball game with my Ashley and a few at the youth football game we went to. Knox has a neighbor who is 11 and is his best bud. Noel and him are so fun to watch. Knoxie idolizes him and it's nice to see an 11 year old boy truly happy to be his bud. They have a great bond. Knox thinks he's at least close to the age of Noel and his friends. It's really fun to watch. I made sure Ashley forwarded me the videos of Knox being held up by 3 boys as they shouted MVP and other cute antics. So memorable and sweet. To save these videos I needed to " delete."

Might I suggest to delete ahead of time. Unlike me, on my flight home I started going through my camera roll. The things I had on my phone. When I finished deleting I felt like a new woman! Kinda.... going through some of my camera roll made me recall memories that made me tear up some but when deleted it closed a chapter in my life I guess. I had snapshots over the past few years. Parties, Haloweens, Weddings, Holidays, and trips. But clearing out that camera roll helped me make room for new things. I was definitely cleansing! Delete, Delete, Delete That boyfriend that broke my heart! BOOM! My Jeep will no longer be parked in that driveway! Delete, Delete, Delete that “friend” who asks you out for a drink and you spend the evening searching for her in the bar to find her staggering in the parking lot with her latest hook-up DELETE! I’m on a roll! Feeling gooooooood! DELETE the chunky pictures! BOOM! Slow it down...

Slow down! Keep the ones you may need . I kept the pictures of myself that are so strategically taken that you look thin and the double-chin that was genetically handed down to me is barely showing. I may need those especially when you have girlfriends that threaten to put you on a dating site behind your back and they steal pictures from your phone ! DELETE! Room for New experiences, new memories. A way to make room for bigger and better things! I’ve done it! Cleansed! A new woman!

Damn iPhone! Now I have to Delete the “ Recently Deleted”in that dang folder on my phone! Ugh!

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