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Escape Gray

There is this strange area, especially after a somewhat calm break up, that can do more harm than you know. Ive labeled it the “gray area.”. After a few days and the realization that the person you loved spending time with is no longer there but has told you “ I still want you in my life in some way” , or “ I can‘t imagine you not being my friend” only keeps you standing still and prolonging the inevitable. He will either move on to his next conquest or he will actually work on being a better man. The odds say being “ friends” during this transition somehow is to ease their guilt and mind and to make your mind go crazy! Youll yearn for him to be the man you thought he could be. Move on and work on you and if its meant to be that idiot will show up bearing gifts and flowers and beg for you back! You will either try again if YOU want to , but dont stand there waiting.... in the gray. You deserve the color...

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