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I’m an Idiot

Happy Birthday Eve to me. Recently I posted an article on my blog that I deleted. I want to be clear to anyone that reads my stories I truly have no ill intent to anyone. I want to be real and raw at times and with this it can tarnish another persons experience. For example, my article “Simplify” ( which I took down ) talked about my kids Christmas mornings and the abundance of it. Our Christmases were great and their Dad was a good Father and Crazy generous Santa! My kids memories of Christmas Day were fun and positive! I am, and will forever be grateful that our Christmas memories are beautiful. I would never take that away from my kids. I truly did not mean to demean anyone and if I did I apologize. The “adult” point of view may not be what the kids see or experienced. I am not blogging to bad mouth men or my ex husband. That’s not right or fair.

My writings are true experiences and also fictional. I guess to put out some of my mistakes along with accomplishments to show imperfection. That we are human. My blog is about a 50 something woman finding her way through this crazy thing called life. My choices I made when I was young were choices and I have no regrets. But, as an older, more experienced woman I am able to have a better understanding of why or how. Like I mentioned earlier this blog will be a broad spectrum of topics. Funny, sad, witty. True experiences and fictional experiences. Every now and again I’ll write about things you’ve written in and asked me to discuss candidly. Everyone have a beautiful day and thanks for all of your support.

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