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My review on Boathouse Collective

I don’t know guys! I’m 52 and not ready to just sit on the couch and watch tv on the weekends. It’s okay every now and again but I can’t do it! What I’ve been trying to do is find cool places to eat and maybe listen to a decent band and maybe a little dancing and not feel ancient. I know there’s a ton of people like me not ready to pull the plug! I think I’ll start adding to my page reviews on my experience when I go to one of these places and maybe you’ll check it out too.

BOATHOUSE COLLECTIVE in Costa Mess. A somewhat laid back, kinda trendy place with a cool vibe. When I walked in the host ( the owner) was super friendly and gave us a choice between patio or inside. We chose a high table close to stage. The waiter walked over and explained how the food “ works” there. It “ comes out when it comes out.” So, basically don’t expect your entrees together because you are supposed to “ chill” and share your food if you are starving. Teaches us to relax and enjoy what’s in front of you. While there I ordered signature cocktails along with meal. Everything was delicious. Poke’, steak, veggies. Decently priced. Walked past bar the bar and soaked in the decor. Industrial surf. High warehouse ceilings with surfboards and unique items throughout. On the way to bathroom I was asked for my autograph until they realized I wasn’t pregnant! I am not Brigitte Nielson (not sure if I spelled that correctly). But I do get a kick out of it with my short haircut. Headed back to table and decided to sit at the picnic bench because my back and butt hurt from high table chairs! The band started playing and they were great! Everything from Eagles to Bruno Mars I think ! A mixture of songs that all ages would enjoy. I’m unsure if people danced because I headed out after 10 songs or so. Just listened to good music. I really didn’t feel like an old lady and it was a great place to spend a Friday or Saturday night if you want to get out. Casual wear is acceptable. A great date place or a night out with friends. Give it a try. Let them know I sent you! #boathousecollective #costamesa #newportliving #music #iswearyougotthisgirl #nightout #lookalike #funny #restaurantreview #travel #realtor

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