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No More “Waiting”

Stop Waiting!

For some reason or another “WAIT” is a dirty, four lettered word to me!  I’m not sure when it joined the ranks of F#%K and C%NT but it’s definitely in my top 5 of bad words.  I’m not sure why but I’ve got to get past this!

What are we waiting for?  We all WAIT for Friday to get here or we WAIT  for summer!  We WAIT or put aside goals for some reason or another.  We WAIT to take that dream vacation.  We WAIT for the right time to begin an exercise routine.  We WAIT for this or that.  We WAIT around for love or for someone to fall in love with us? 

 It’s time to stop waiting!  I’m not telling you to throw all responsibilities to the side but the laundry will be there when you return from your walk around the block that you had been meaning to take.   Save up for that dream vacation now so you can embrace and enjoy it.  Try to live a healthier lifestyle so you can enjoy grand babies !  Keep moving!  Keep embracing what’s around you!  I catch myself staring at my daughters if we are driving somewhere together.  Taking mental snapshots of their profiles, their smiles, and even their freckles.   Embrace every moment!

Happiness is the now, this moment.  Stop waiting for “it” and make the most of the moment you are in NOW! We never know how much time we have in this beautiful life and I’m not going to WAIT around to let it pass me by!  #liveinthenow #travel #dating #relationships #embracelife #positivity #imnotwaitinganylonger

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