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Not the Love of My Life

Everyone! Let me add “Publicist” to my repertoire! I have been asked by the amazing author to publicize this TRUE story! I’m introducing this non- fiction book to my supporters! Please read below and show the love by buying his book!

“A story like this is in every city, of every state in the country… and probably the world.

It is everywhere. Rampant in the Family Court system, but there has never been any provisions to punish those individuals who make up horrific lies about the other and then publish those lies through police reports, or court documents. The courts merely allow it and once the lawyers have been paid, they rule on the evidence, or lack thereof.

By then, however, the name of some unlucky individual has already been destroyed.

It is one of the few instances where one is guilty until they, alone, can prove their innocence. And when they do, there is no recourse, or law, to punish the accuser, or to get your life back …..unless you fight.

When the accuser claims one has committed horrific crimes against a child, the life of the accused is altered forever and some don’t make it out alive.

This is a story of one man who did.”

GO TO www.nottheloveofmylife

to order your own copy!

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