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It’s that time of year to pull out the green and red storage boxes from the rafters or storage shed and tackle the task of decorating for Christmas. Snowman and Santa figurines to be dusted off and placed on fake snow sheets, outdoor decorations and lights to be put up around the front yard, and the artificial Christmas Tree to be put up in the TV room. Luckily, Chelsea was home from flying and could help me bring the Christmas Tree in. The tree is over 7 feet high, pre-lit, and awkwardly heavy!

Chelsea and I dragged that beast in from the garage, set it up in the family room, and plugged it in. To our dismay only 1 string of lights were lit. Ugh! I decided life (and the month of December) was too short to go through every light on the tree so we did the unthinkable...we trashed it! Yep! We threw that fake ass 14 year old tree in the trash! Just like that! But now what? Not have a Christmas tree? I had an idea...

Earlier during the week I was spray painting old snow skis and boots to pair up, light up, and use as decorations in the yard. A couple days before I was thinking to even find a little tree to light up on my front porch. The light bulb in my head lit up! Hmmmmmm, why not make a tree out of snow skis? Who made the rule that a Christmas Tree had to be a pine tree? I’m bending the rule and going for an original! I’ll take a few pairs of old beat up skis, in my rafters, and make them shiny, new, original Christmas Tree.

When I told my daughter what I was planning on doing I know she had doubts. She was snapping pictures and downloading them on her Snapchat with funny sayings. I’m sure it was entertaining watching me wrap bungee cords to make the skis stay in place like a tee-pee. A couple of times the skis would fall over but this challenge was not going to beat me. I needed this picture in my head of my ski tree to come to reality! My kids might smirk hearing about my idea but they will see my ski tree will be festive and original!

A few hours later and boom! Our tree of 2017 was just about finished! To be honest, I surprised myself! It turned out to be a beautiful, unique, and very original Christmas Tree. A few old skis painted, spruced up, recycled and refurbished to be the focale point of our living room. Turning the negative into such a positive! Being Original when expected to be traditional. So much fun! Our Ski Tree is a hit! Doing your own thing is okay. If you have an idea in your head try it. Let it out! Be Original! Be YOU! If it doesn’t work out at first, like my skis falling over, try another way. Eventually you’ll get it right and smile with satisfaction.

Happy December and Merry Christmas

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