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Sweaty Yoga and Me


Ive told you I’d update you about my progress on my health journey. I’m doing my best to be physical at least four times a week. This does not include walking to the refrigerator, running to the bathroom, or naked activities ( threw that in for shock value). I was loving my trainer Sandy at the gym but my schedule became hectic which effected my mind and insomnia so I went to my #groupon app and searched out nearby hot yoga offers. I targeted helping my mind and my scar tissue throughout my Achilles’ tendons. The heat would loosen it up for sure. Boy, was I in for a sweaty treat 😜! Here I go! I’ll combine my experience of the four classes I’ve had so far and I’ll number key details.

1). Bikram Hot Yoga is definitely hot. The class temperature is well over 100 degrees and I, myself, sweat like I’ve completed 3 Spin classes in Florida humidity. After the first class of wearing leggings and a T-shirt I took a hint from the regulars and did the less is more thing. A sports bra and shorts. I was uncomfortable to show my less than perfect body for about 3 minutes! Half way through the class and a few poses I was ready for naked yoga! Sweaty, hot, wet, (don’t get too excited 😜) but liking that stretching and working on flexibility came a bit easier for me in these conditions.

2). Bring a yoga mat, towel, lots of water, and an open mind. The instructors let me work at my own pace and I didn’t feel like I sucked! I was completely clueless of what I was walking into and that didn’t matter. The instructors were kind, encouraging, and I was fascinated that their bodies were so ”bendy.” Holy crap.

3) If all else fails or you feel like you are going to pass out they totally support laying flat on your back and breathing! I pretty much mastered that pose! I later learned it’s the toughest pose to master! I’ll get the spelling of the technical pose name but nicknamed “the corpse.” I probably resorted to the corpse pose multiple times throughout my 90 minute class and it was okay! Woo woo!

4.). You might cry. I did. Does that surprise you? During class you are concentrating on physical poses that are connected to your mind. Some classes used music and others did not. While relaxing at the end of a class the instructor played “Purple Rain“ by Prince and I started to cry and continued a good 10 minutes. I definitely am a hott mess and letting out that mess out helped! No one could tell because my face was already beet red! Cry all you want and know it’s our little secret!

4.). Is Bikram Yoga my thing? I’m not sure yet but I do love how I felt after class. I was relaxed, sweaty, and my mind was clear for a bit.

All in all I was glad to try something new. Im proud of myself for trying something different and out of my comfort zone. It’s never too late to take care of mind and body. If I can do it, you can do it! I Swear You Got This Girl or Boy! Ps. Yes, in one of my photos I was giggling 🤭 ! Being true to me...

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