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Updated: Jun 11, 2023


There are certain events in life that can really change a person.  For me it was the birth of my first daughter, an unexpected job loss, a divorce, and  the birth of my Grandbaby.  These events affected me greatly.  Some positive, some negative.  Each event was close to my heart and changed me forever.  Having a baby made me grow up quickly and live unselfishly. My ex husbands job loss showed me that you have to be prepared for the worse ( we weren’t) my divorce was painful and I never wish it on anyone.  The birth of my grandson gave me hope and unconditional love in my life.  But, what I wasn’t prepared for was the tragic murder of my close friend.  Hearing of her passing and the circumstances of her death has changed me in more ways than I can find words for.  Time will ease the pain and I do my best to remember the good times.  Her death grounded all of us who knew her.  I’ve noticed this tragedy brought us back to basics and transparency.  We say how we feel and we don’t hold back. For you, in honor of you my friend, wonderful things are ahead.  Your life will be celebrated and not taken in vain.  Your  killers trial is in process and that’s exactly what it is. A process.  Through it , myself and your true friends will be there to support your family.  We will hug your parents, your children, your cousins.  We will learn from you to live life to the fullest.  

I made my escape to Boston for a bit to gain love and mental strength.  As I sat on my daughters porch I closed my eyes and heard your giggle, cried a bit, felt you around me.  I opened my eyes, stood up, and said”  I fuckin got this girl!” Life is precious. #travel #relationships #madisinmy❤️ #family

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