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What We All Could Learn from Minnie Mouse the Dog ( not the Mouse)

This dog. This damn dog. I have spent a small fortune on this creature I picked out over 14 years ago for my youngest as a Christmas surprise, “A puppy in a purse.” A puppy in a purse? Yep. The influence of Paris Hilton on a younger generation. I’m sure you can recall in pop culture the influx of cute dogs in Gucci or Louis Vuitton bags on TMZ or PEOPLE Magazine? The status of celebrities and their pups? Teacup Poodles or Shih Tzu puppies in purses being carried at Red Carpet events or jet setting trips. These doggies became companions and obsessions of the rich and famous. Well, it trickled down to us common folk. “Us regulars” saw the movie stars smiling with fur babies and we sub- consciously emulate the same thing. Suddenly there was a huge demand for tiny dogs in purses that we could pamper and they would love us unconditionally. A dog has always been labeled man’s best friend. We give them food, water, walks, back rubs, and they love us unconditionally. So with that being said I find myself yet again at the Vet with Little Minnie getting her breast cancer taken out.

Hell! I had no idea dogs get breast cancer but they do. Not only is this her second surgery for that but she also is a 3- legged dog, almost blind, almost toothless! 14 years old but has the spirit of a 3 year old ( 21 years in dog years). Yep! Nothing stops her! A few years back while I was in Palm Springs this crazy pup decided to jump out a car window near my daughters school and explore Long Beach! We searched for her for hours and almost gave up. Later a picture of her showed up on the internet and 3 days later, and bail money, I broke her out of the most beautiful doggy jail in Long Beach. She was in Cottage 3 relaxing and enjoying her spa experience that was cut short for me when I left my spa weekend! Hell no! That damn dog! But seriously, all I could do was shake my head and smile.

Smile because I believe we can learn from this little thing. She never gives up. Even when she was torn to pieces and laying in a pool of blood she wagged her tail? While recovering from a dog fight surgery and being fed from a dropper she grew strong enough to adapt to 1 leg that doesn’t work. She’s sassy, strong, adapts, still runs out the front door to pee 😜. This Pup has been knocked down just to pop back up with even more spirit! She’s a miracle dog that loves us as much as we love her. She holds her own with her “brother Ace” who is a Pit Bull mix pound dog. No matter what life throws her way she gets back up and does her thing. We can all learn from Minnie Mouse that we can overcome just about anything.

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